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When your baby is crawling on the carpet and the dog is laying on the couch

We know you want to make it a safe environment for your little ones at home, that’s why once in a while you have to get rid of bacteria and germs, that live in the carpeted areas, mattresses, couches or soft furniture. Do you know that steam eliminates up to 99% of the bacteria? That’s right, our carpet machine has steam strong and powerful enough that will leave your carpet fresh and good looking/smelling, after the procedure.

Here is how we follow the procedure in steps:

  1. Vacuming the area that you would like us to clean
  2. Pre- treating the area with professional detergent ( eco- friendly)
  3. Applying steam with our professional machine and going throughout the whole area
  4. Extraction out all of the moisture
  5. Deodorizing the carpet, so it will be left fresh and good smelling

Why/when would I need my carpet/ upholstery cleaned?

  • When you are expecting a baby- you need to prepare a safe environment for your newborn, which includes sanitizing and steam cleaning the carpeted areas, mattresses, couches and chairs. Remember that they hold all the dust in your property and babies are very sensitive and allergic to dust
  • If you have a pet/dog – it’s mandatory to have your sofa, mattress cleaned if you have a pet, accidents can happen and you need those pet hair removed aswell
  • If you have kids in the property- we all know that kids want to play on the floor, they lay with their feet and hands and after that they put their hands in their mouth, so the carpet needs to be as safe and clean as possible for them to stay healthy
  • If you have spilled something – we usually clean all spots/ marks, such as: blood stains, cooking stains, spillages, make up stains


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